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Vacation in Westerwald

Vacation in Westerwald
Vacation in the Westerwald

Apartments, cottages and hotels in Westerwald

The Westerwald is a mountain chain in Germany. It is located on the junction of the states (Bundesländer) of Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse.

The mountains are bounded by four river valleys: the Rhine in the west, the Sieg in the north, the Dill in the east, and the Lahn in the south.

The highest peak is the Fuchskauten at 656 meters. 40 percent of the Westerwald's approximately 1000 km² are wooded. Tourist attractions include the Dornburg (394 metres) and Limburg an der Lahn, a city with a medieval centre.

The Westerwald is known for its distinctive salt-glazed grey pottery with cobalt blue decoration, and its basalt mines. The latter industry is centred round Höhr-Grenzhausen.

In the mid 16th century, potters from Raeren in Belgium migrated into the Westerwald, bringing with them some of their moulds. This type of pottery was taken to the New World and was found in the early Chesapeake settlements.

Today one finds highly crafted moulded vases and mugs but also a range of handcrafted utility ware, with hand painted swirling floral motifs.

The Westerwaldkreis is a district (Landkreis) of the Rhineland-Palatinate, with Montabaur as its capital.

The name "Westerwald" (English: "western wood"), first mentioned in 1048, originally referred to the forests around the three churches in Bad Marienberg, Rennerod and Emmerichenhain in the west of the royal yard of Herborn.

Source: www.wikipedia.com
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