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Vacation in Eifel

Vacation in Eifel
Vacation in the Eifel

Apartments, cottages and hotels in Eifel

The Eifel is a low volcanic mountain range in western Germany. It occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia and northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Eifel is bordered by the Moselle River in the south and the Rhine in the east. In the north it is continued by the hills of the High Venn (Hohes Venn), in the west by the Ardennes. (Ardennes and Eifel are actually the same geological region. They are a single volcanic field.)

In the Tertiary geological era, the Eifel was a site of extensive volcanic activity. Some of the hills are volcanic vents. The lakes of the regions are former volcanic craters (maars). The last eruptions took place around 10 000 years ago. The volcanism of the Eifel is caused by a hotspot, a place where hot material form deep in the mantle rises to the surface. Research has shown that the mantle plume is still active; the Eifel region is rising by 1-2 mm per year. Historically, the Eifel volcanoes had inactive phases of 10 000 to 20 000 years between active phases, suggesting there is a possibility of future eruptions.

Source: www.wikipedia.com
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